A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words – Story of a successful Medical Crowdfunding Campaign

by admin | December 28, 2017 10:39 am

The invention of the printing press was the discovery that steered the world from the dark middle ages to the age of the renaissance. Another revolution in the lives of human beings came around 150 years ago with the advent of photography. Our attention spans have been dwindling and the average person has an attention span of 8 seconds. An average  person processes images 60000 times faster than text. Today if we were to see Facebook content, we’d see that 77% of the content are images. Hundred Thousand Billion images to be precise. The majority of people prefer visuals to learn about an event or a phenomenon over text.

Images- here, there, everywhere

Images are there everywhere. In our head, on the billboard across the street, in the newspaper, even on your favorite mug. And images are being created and captured to disseminate millions of terabytes of information every single day. The image of the blindfolded woman in the courtroom reminds us of justice. The image of Mahatma Gandhi on Indian currency reminds us of our 150 years struggle to attain Independence . Images evoke emotions and trigger memories; images also compel us to take action. Even in the world of medical crowdfunding[1], images tell the story of the patient to inspire people to donate and share.

Image result for Crowdfunding Campaign

Image to improve a situation

Every successful medical fundraiser has leveraged the power of compelling images to drive home the need for help and support. A fundraiser story that was able to rope in support and pool funds[2] with the power of images was that of Swati’s father, B.K.Tyagi. Swati’s father met with a near fatal accident that left him fighting for his life in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital for days. The hospital discontinued his treatment as Swati was unable to pay for the treatment. Even after extinguishing their savings, Swati fell short of funds and she decided to crowdfund.

She buttressed her crowdfunding campaign with an image of her father on life-support and also images of the medical bills to explain the gravity of the situation, and the magnitude of their need. Her fundraiser raised 41 percent of the amount in mere 29 days and her post was shared over 45 times. Here we can indeed witness the power of a single image, which succeeded in expressing the direness and urgency Swati’s medical fundraiser[3] demanded. And that is what exactly that prompted action.

For crowdfunding success, go visual. Let pictures tell your story.

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