Can You Find Your Soul Mate With A Right Swipe?

Can You Find Your Soul Mate With A Right Swipe?

It is well said that happiness is real only when it is shared and marriages are one such pure relationship. A celebration where two people promise to be bound in love forever, no matter what life brings to your fate. It is about vulnerability. Giving someone the right to hurt or frustrate you. While simultaneously giving that someone, the timeliness to bring you enormous joy and laugh.

In today’s world, there are various mediums that are substituting the traditional way of marriages.  From online matrimonial sites to tinder’s, all are there making people find their other half’s.

Isn’t it boring as well as thrilling to tell everyone at your wedding that you and your partner met online? That is boring because you couldn’t explain the fairy tale start of being in high school and how much you hated each other in kindergarten and how one day out of the blues he expresses his heart out loud to you and your inner self-feels at peace.  On the other end, isn’t it amazing that how it all just happened with one right swipe on tinder or an acceptance of request on online matrimonial site, and here are you both exchanging vows!

One swiped missed and you would’ve not been here in this moment together, dressed in your sumptuous wedding outfits striking poses for the camera. Though there will be some deadly stares by some people invited to the marriage, definitely because of the online dating stigma in their minds and wondering about if the marriage work. Yes, these people do exist today, as well! Nevertheless, although this online dating and ‘marriages of people who met online ‘stigma are disappearing, the myth of it being only for the casual hookups still exists. And it will actually take a while for people to digest this fact that marriages on online marriage sites are actually the new big thing in towns.

But isn’t is a good thing to search for a life partner online on the matrimonial websites or on other mediums used for such purposes. We usually attach the stigma that these matrimonial websites are totally based on how you make your profile, how are the profile picture and the profile descriptions. But, isn’t it that in the end, we all will go with someone who gets to the heart and not the ones with pretty pictures and lies?

There are sheer haters of online marriages saying that these marriages end sooner and etc. but isn’t it that the secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person, after all, when you are in a marriage it doesn’t really matter how you met and all on how to look up to each other, care for each other amongst many other small gestures.

Online dating explores you to meet millions of eligible partners virtually and one gets to find the most potential one for her life. There are many who are conscious socially and for them, online dating turning into marriages is the stairway to the heaven. Don’t you think that too?

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