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by admin | June 23, 2018 1:22 pm

The music industry is one the most lucrative fields in the country today. However, for musicians who are new to the industry, it is not always a walk in the park. There are so many challenges that they encounter as they try to rise to the top. One of the most apparent problems is finding a modern recording studio that is affordable. Once this issue is solved, the start-up artist can record his/her music and engage in the next activity that mainly involves marketing. 

For one to rent a music recording studio[1], he/she requires to conduct adequate research on the available options. During the examination, one should check on factors like the price, location, and size of the studio. In the US, there are recording studios in almost all parts of the country. The following are some of the top studios in the country: 

1. Ultra-modern Burbank studio 

This studio is built using the most modern techniques to give the artist the best conditions for recording. It is large with an area of 30 square feet. The studio has a soundstage that measures 9” by 12”. This stage has a projection wall, and the lighting is done using the modern pro technique. The studio’s control room is fitted with a window that gives a view to the tracking room. The studio is also kept clean at all times, and various prominent artists visit the facility occasionally. 

This studio can be used for various activities. These include the shooting of music videos, photo shoots, film shoots and casting. Additionally, the studio has loads of other crucial amenities such as Wi-Fi, projectors and a PA system. 

2. Red Bird Studio 

This facility is situated in Midtown, New York. It was founded by an engineer who is also a music producer. This studio has been used in the past to record music by various high profile clients such as Samsung, Roc Nation, and Atlantic Records. The facility was designed primarily as a music recording studio. However, it can also accommodate activities such as photo shoots, film shoots, interviews, and presentations. Their prices are affordable, and clients can benefit from house recording engineers who are present in the studio. Red Bird Studio charges $60 per hour for a recording session. 
This studio also has amenities that include Wi-Fi, natural light, and public transportation. Individuals who are in a wheelchair can easily access it. 

3. South Burbs Music Recording Studio 

This studio is based in Dolton, Illinois. It is fitted with some of the most modern recording equipment. The sound engineers who operate the studio have been nominated in the Grammys for their expertise in this field. Some of the services available on this studio include music recording, track mastering, and audio books. The studio also has free Wi-Fi available for their clients as well as state of the art restrooms. 
Clients are served various dishes at the facility, and the prices charged for the meals are affordable. The studios charge $125 per hour. The minimum period that one can stay at the facility is 2hours. 

It is advisable to exhaust all features of the available studios before settling on one. This is to ensure that you get the best facility that will serve your needs.

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