Precious Metals Or Gold IRA

Precious Metals Or Gold IRA

Are you in the market to maximize your IRA earning potential? Are you are looking for expert advice on creating a strategic plan for your retirement portfolio diversification? If so, you havecome to the right place. First Fidelity Reserve takes pride in being able to direct our clientstowards gold and other precious metals that will increase the diversity of their IRA. Let us showyou why owning a precious metals or gold IRA is important for your financial future and how youcan maximize your IRAs performance with 1oz $50 Gold American Eagle coins, 1oz $1 SilverAmerican Eagle coins, and other valuable coins and precious metals. We believe in workingwith our clients to educate and equip them with the information, knowledge, and tools they needto plan a Gold IRA that meets all of their retirement savings goals. That is why we offer a FreeIRA Diversification Kit as well as award winning literature and expert advice from America’sGold Expert, Mike Fuljenz.

Why Having A Diverse IRA Is Important

Having a diverse precious metals IRA portfolio is essential to ensuring that your IRA is alwaysearning. You may be wondering how this is possible. Rather than going down in value overtime, as can be expected with paper money and other assets, the gold that you invest in for yourIRA generally increases in value. This helps maintain the value of your IRA despite inflation, andcan provide you with peace of mind knowing that the value of your IRA is safe in the long run.

Even if the the value of gold decreases, First Fidelity Reserve is able to guide all of our clientstowards gold coins and other precious metals that retain high numismatic value to keep theirGold IRAs performing at their very best. These valuable coins have developed strong collectorpremiums that are not influenced by the value of the gold on the market. Instead of stashingyour savings solely in mutual funds, stocks, or bonds, you should consider investing in preciousmetals and coins that will always keep their numismatic value.

Mike Fuljenz

As the Numismatic Consultant of First Fidelity Reserve, and someone with over forty years ofexperience in the precious metals industry, Mike Fuljenz is the expert you can rely on. He iswidely recognized as one of the leading figures in his industry. Mr. Fuljenz has achieved 60highly prestigious awards due to what he has provided in education and protection work, andhas consulted for:

  • The Royal Canadian Mint
  • The United States Mint
  • The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History

Mr. Fuljenz has also appeared on Fox Business Network and CNBC’s Smart Money, as well ashaving contributed for a variety of media outlets such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.When you choose to invest in gold, silver, or other precious metals through First FidelityReserve, you will be getting the benefit of expert market analysis. It isn’t always easy to forseemarket changes and fluctuations, or know when to invest, or how much. However, you can relyon Mike Fuljenz’s analysis as a leading expert, who will provide you with the information that’smost relevant to your personal needs. Mr. Fuljenz can make sure that you’re making the wisestdecision as an investor or as a collector.

Likewise, you can have peace of mind knowing that through First Fidelity Reserve, you’regetting only the most valuable gold, silver, and other precious metal coins available on themarket.

Don’t Fall for Scams or Sub Par Coins

Unfortunately, because precious metal is such a highly valued and sought after investment,there are naturally going to be agencies trying to scam people in the industry one way oranother. Likewise, people may claim to offer “high quality” metal coins only to dupe theircustomers into buying low quality or damaged coins.

It is important to save all records throughout the investment process in case you need to file alawsuit in the future. It is also a good idea to take notes, and to file a complaint with the BetterBusiness Bureau if you have reason to believe the products you’ve purchased are subpar. TheNumismatic Crime Information Center can be contacted at (817) 723-7231 in the event of ascam. In severe cases, you should contact law enforcement or the FBI.

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