Things to Do in Boston

by admin | February 19, 2019 1:13 pm

Are you planning a trip to Boston? Whether you’re road tripping through in your RV rental[1] or have something to attend in the city, you may be looking for activities to enjoy while in the area. We have great news: Boston is a happening place with a little bit of something for everyone.

Whether you like nights out on town, or enjoy museums, there are several experiences and fun to be had while in the city. You can stay in your RV rental or stay in one of the happening areas to be close to the best things to do.

One thing is certain: you’ll never be bored while visiting Boston. It’s full of great things to do, whether you visit in the summer, spring, fall or winter. To ensure that you have a great time in Boston, here are some ideas to help you be able to have a fabulous experience on your trip:

  1. Visit Museum of Fine Arts. Are you a big fan of the arts? Do you like museums? Then, you’ll want to put the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. With more than 400,000 pieces, you’ll have plenty to do and see while in the MFA. From local pieces to international works of art, as well as classes to enjoy, there are many reasons why you should plan some time to see the Museum of Fine Arts.
  2. Check out spots in North End. Looking for trendy places to visit? From bars and tavern to plenty of great restaurants, North End is the place to go. Known as Boston’s Little Italy, it’s the perfect spot for good food and some time out on the town. Some of the best spots are the family-owned places and we personally love spots like La Famiglia Giorgio’s Restaurant and Giacomo’s. Not only will you get good food, but you’ll also be able to see some of the best historic sites in the area while visiting North End.
  3. Look at the architecture in the Boston Public Library. If you’re a book lover, you’ll love visiting the Boston Public Library. If you’re an architecture lover, you will as well. Not only are there a lot of projects happening at the BPL, but it also has some pretty amazing interior construction. Dating back to 1848, it’s a favorite spot for many history buffs as well. If you appreciate anything from books to history, this is a great thing for you to do while in Boston.

4.Take a look at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums. Everyone has heard of the Boston Tea Party right? Whether you have or haven’t, you should still take some time to check out the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums to learn more than ever about this famous event that made a revolution happen. It’s not only history that you’ll be able to learn about, it’s a fun experience for anyone who visits.

  1. Go kayaking on the Charles River. There are a variety of places and things to do when in the area of Charles River. Most people enjoy kayaking the Charles River although there are many other activities to be enjoyed. Whether you want to spend some time on the banks of the river with your family enjoying a picnic or some time in the fresh weather or you preferring canoeing on the water, there is no limit of fun experiences to be had in the area. Did you know that there are even options for sailing?

In Conclusion

Boston isn’t everyone’s first choice of a place to visit but it certainly has a lot of reasons why it should be visited. Whether you have been there before or are hoping to see it for the first time, rest assured that the above reasons to go are only a few things to do.

As one of the most happening cities in the northeast, we do believe that it’s one of the best spots that you could visit while in the area, apart from NYC. If you like to party, enjoy great food, appreciate sports like baseball and love finding out more about the history of the United States of America, you should definitely make it a must-see destination for you.

We’ve included some of our favorite things to do above, but of course, you’ll have to see for yourself what kind of activities you enjoy. If you’re not as into books and history or museums as we are, there are plenty of other options of things you can do, including a lot of outdoor experiences. What do you enjoy doing when visiting a new city in an RV rental? Boston most likely has something that you’ll love about it, so why not head on over and find out?

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