Valuable Tips to Buy a Plus Size Prom Dress and Look Gorgeous

by admin | January 25, 2019 1:27 pm

Plus size girls make fashion needs secondary because all through their academic years and in high school they have been called names, which has all been an embarrassment. Going social or shopping for trendy clothes has become challenging. It is the prom event and you need to be keen in buying a gorgeous prom dress and accessories.

There was a time when the market hardly had dress options for plus size girls but times have changed. Today, designers have made sure to tailor glamorous prom dresses[1] for plus size girls to fit. The body shape that needs to be hidden and the ones that can be highlighted are taken care of.

Valuable tips for buying a perfect plus size prom dress

Learn about sizing

Plus size clothes manufacturer make use of different sizing systems like Misses’ sizes, Women’s sizes, and X-sizes. For example, waist 36”, Hip 46” and bust 43.5 is different.

Curvy girls have different height, so there is a need to see tall and petite sizes, while searching for prom gowns. In general, tall sizes are designed to fit girls taller than 5’8” and petite sizes are tailored for girls less than 5’4”. It means when you read 18WT on the table it means 18 Women’s size for tall and 14WP means 14 Women’s size for petite girls.

Never get obsessed with size tags

If you routinely wear size 16 then never be tempted to select a dress tagged size 12 or never refuse to purchase one that is labelled at size 18. Actually, there is a little doubt in the sizing system of plus sized clothes. Buy a dress that fits you perfectly without getting obsessed with size tags as the number on that label will not be seen by anyone else besides you.

Focus on fit

Proper fit is crucial, so when you try a dress ensure that it sees not droop, sag, pull or pucker. So, move around, bend, sit, and dance to get an idea if the worn dress will be comfortable for the prom night event. In case, the dress sages or droops in places when you move around then choose small dress or get it tailored. In case, it puckers, pulls, or pinches in places then try a big size. Your friend may tell you if the seams are straining or fits you perfectly when you stand up and as you sit down the cleavage area suddenly bulges.

While trying wear the Spandex, if you are planning to wear it on the prom night to ensure the proper fit. Even if you are planning to wear high heels then ensure to wear them, while trying the dress or you may end up in buying something too short on the final day when you wear the high heel shoes.

Go for dark colors

Plus size means a girl with full body shape, so even pay attention of the color of the long prom dress[2] you choose. Dark colored clothing is the best tool to hide the weight. Dar colored clothes make heavy parts look small, thus offering a slim appearance.

Make sure to wear accessories that compliment your figure, keep good posture and feel confident. Your inner confidence will reflect your true self and make you a hit at the prom.

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