Window Coverings – An Excellent Way to Enhance Beauty of a Room

Window Coverings – An Excellent Way to Enhance Beauty of a Room

Windows in your house or office allow chi or energy to come in or block it, depending on your preference and window coverings used. If your window opens out to a nice view, you may like the chi come in. But if it reveals a busy road with so many vehicles driving, you will want to block this negative chi.  Since windows are one of the most obvious portions of a room, they need appropriate treatment to avoid looking bare and incomplete.

Window coverings and window treatments are two different terms with little regard to their actual meaning. The term of windows covering refers to the material used to cover windows to reduce sunlight, obtain extra waterproofing, and ensure maximum privacy. A window treatment, on the other hand, is placing any of the window coverings like curtain, blinds or drapes over or around the windows. It also includes various treatments applied directly on the glass such as acid, plastic films or sandblasting.

Window Covering Types

Window covering are one of the several ways to obtain the best look of your windows and their possible advantages. They are available in various kinds and can significantly influence the look of any room. Also, window coverings have useful insulation properties which are handy to cool down or heat up a home because of outside weather condition. From curtains to vertical blinds and drapes, there is a large range of window coverings to choose from. They may include:

  1. Curtains

Curtains cannot close all the way. They make a good choice for those who want to let some light come in without blocking the view. There are other curtains such as bistro that can be hanged down from the bottom half of the window in order to block the view out the half of the window.

  1. Drapes

This type of window coverings is particularly intended for bedrooms because of its soft yin energy which makes a relaxing environment for good sleep. They are also good for feng shui especially if the window is behind or right across your couch.

  1. Vertical Blinds

This is a perfect option to embellish the south east and other southern areas of your house. These vertical blinds are best for evoking tree energy which is helpful in creating “positive” feelings like starting a new business. You can also use them to help a low-heighted celling look taller.

  1. Roller Blinds

Mostly made from high quality fabric, roller blinds provide more yin energy than the plastic-made blinds. They come in different patterns and colors, and give an excellent boost to a room’s persona. Roller blinds have the quality of semi-translucent which makes them a perfect choice to block a bad view and still get some sun light.

Window coverings have the basic meaning of a decorative item and a covering item for light control, privacy, and heighten the décor of any room. However, it is not enough to just purchase coverings or treatment and use them for your windows. It is also crucial to know how to choose the best ones according to the style, size and budget.

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